15 Affordable Gifts for Coffee Lovers Under $20

15 Affordable Gifts for Coffee Lovers Under $20

According to Reuters, 68% of American adults drink a cup of coffee every day.

That’s a lot of coffee lovers.

And statistically speaking, it’s possible that you’re going to be buying a present for one of these coffee lovers this upcoming holiday season. So why not get them something to make their morning coffee even better?

Keep reading for our list of affordable gifts for coffee lovers. Whether they drink black coffee, lattes, or iced cold brew, you’re sure to find something on this list they’ll love.

15 of the Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers Under $20 

1. Iced Coffee Sleeve

Price: $9.99

For someone who loves iced coffee, you can’t go wrong with an iced coffee sleeve from JavaSok. This handy gift will prevent condensation from the iced drink from getting on their hands, clothes, and surfaces on the go.

java sok blue small and medium

2. Amazon Dash Button

Price: $4.99+

If you aren’t familiar with Amazon Dash buttons, they’re WiFi-connected buttons that are synced to one item available on Amazon and the owner’s account information. With the press of a button, users can repurchase their favorite products and have them shipped to their door, again and again. So pick up a Dash button for someone’s favorite coffee product -- options include Dunkin’ Donuts Keurig cups and Starbucks canned coffee drinks.

amazon dash button

3. Reusable Straws

Price: $8.88

Coffee, however delicious, can wreak serious havoc on your teeth. It can cause yellowing and stains, and weaken teeth enamel, making teeth more vulnerable to cavities. The solution? Straws. But instead of disposable plastic straws, you can get a coffee drinker these reusable straws. It includes a pouch to keep the straws protected in someone’s backpack or purse, and straw cleaners so they can be reused again and again.

metal reusable straw

4. Coffee Subscription

Price: Varies

Did you know that you can subscribe to coffee? Stores like Blue Bottle Coffee, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, and Peet’s Coffee let you sign up for a coffee subscription to get the specific beans and grounds you want, delivered right to your home. Sign your friend up for one month to get them started with a subscription.

coffee subscription

5. Coffee Spoon Rest

Price: $16.99

Pick up this cute coffee spoon set for someone you know who likes to take their mornings slow. This set will bring a smile to their face -- and protect their surfaces from coffee stains.

coffee spoon rest

6. Coffee Pod Carousel

Price: $16.84

If you know your friend loves their morning Keurig brew, get them this stylish and space-saving coffee pod carousel so they can store and display their different K-cups for easy viewing and selection.

coffee pod carousel

7. Punny Coffee Mug

Price: $14.95

For some coffee lovers (yours truly, included), sometimes the idea of communicating with people before finishing your first cup of the day is super unappetizing. So get them a mug that offers specific instructions for family and coworkers about when the caffeine has kicked in enough to communicate.

glass punny coffee mug

8. Travel Coffee Mug

Price: $16.50

This travel mug will keep your friend’s morning joe from spilling, getting too cold, or burning their hands on the way to work. You can get it in a variety of stylish designs and colors, and it’s guaranteed leak and spill-proof for good measure.

contigo black travel coffee mug

9. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Price: $18.99

Most coffee lovers probably have a hot coffee maker in their kitchen already. Get them this cold brew or iced coffee maker so they can have a cold cup of java waiting for them in the morning, too.

glass cold brew coffee maker

10. Stovetop Espresso Maker

Price: $18.25

For espresso fans who sip it morning, noon, and night, this stylish stovetop espresso maker will transport them to Italy so they can have it at home.

stove top expresso maker

11. Handheld Frother

Price: $15.99

If your coffee-loving friend likes lattes as much as I do, they know that the easiest way to get one is, usually, to go to a coffee shop and pay for someone else to make it for you. But with this handheld milk frother, you can heat up and steam your favorite type of milk to make a cappuccino-style beverage at home.

hand held milk frother

12. Pour Over Coffee Starter Kit

Price: $19.65

Pour over coffee brews differently than the traditional at-home drip coffee maker: Coffee brews by pouring hot water over coffee grounds, and letting gravity extract maximum flavor into your cup. So for the coffee aficionado (or snob) on your list, get them this starter kit for making excellent pour over coffee, at home or in the office.

pour over coffee kit

13. Iced Coffee Tumbler

Price: $16.99

These beautiful tumblers will keep iced coffee cold, protect teeth from stains, and keep condensation from getting hands cold or wet. Get one in your gift recipient’s favorite color.

multicolor ice coffee tumbler

14. Coffee-Themed Ice Cube Trays

Price: $7.99

When making iced coffee at home, instead of cooling it off with ice cubes that melt and eventually, dilute the coffee taste, you can use ice cubes made out of coffee, instead. Get someone these espresso bean-shaped ice cube trays so they can tastily and adorably make iced coffee in their own kitchen.

coffee bean ice cube tray

15. Gift Card for Coffee

Price: Varies

When in doubt, get the gift you know they’ll love: the gift of more coffee. Pick up a gift card from their favorite spot to cover their morning coffee for a week. Get Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Peet’s Coffee, and others’ gift cards on their websites.

coffee themed gift card

No matter what you get for the coffee lover in your life this holiday season, make sure they can bring their morning cup out and about with them. Make coffee better with a JavaSok.